A Complete Guide to Making Money through Online Games – How Much Can You Actually Make?


Are you that person that loves to play games so much that if you could get paid for it, you would be rich with money? Well, then, you have landed in the very right place. Let’s make it real for you. Yes! You heard that right.

You can play games and get paid for them. Online real money games are a wonderful method to earn extra revenue.

As a result of how entertaining it is, some individuals have been spotted playing Scrabble available on the internet while standing in line for a light. And why would it not be entertaining and worth it if it is putting cash into your wallet?

For that reason, one would play real money games not only while waiting in line but literally in any free time. What matters is where you play those games.

If you pick a popularly known platform, you can have additional benefits and would also be paid well for playing those games. Further in this article, you will find out more about online gaming.

Do you Actually Earn Money from Online Games?

This is a question that remains, and we are pretty sure your brain is streaming around it too. So, let’s make it clear. Yes, it is possible to generate money online by playing games. It is really not only for enthusiasts who engage in video games for cash from sponsorships during live streams.

Or you might enter gaming competitions where you have to pay money to play various games and have a chance to win a big cash prize. No live-streaming is necessary for regular folks to play real money games online or gaming applications on their phones and make money.

Types of Games that are there and Actually Pay Money

·         Word puzzles

·         Strategy games

·         Combat simulations

·         Casino games

·         Gambling games

·         Playing cards and poker

·         Arcade games

The best approach to earning money is selecting the appropriate games or platforms. You might win a significant number of tokens playing several online games, but there is no method to convert your gains to real money. It’s all about boosting your ego, like receiving a virtual award.

How Much Money Can You Make Out of Real Money Games?

Your ability to profit from playing online games depends on a number of factors, including time, chance, and gaming expertise.

The average yearly income for avid gamers that live-stream and also have sponsorships is $60,000, while the highest-paid individuals may make up to $15,000 per hour.

There are also the fortunate few who are able to obtain employment as top professional testers or video game journalists and earn a respectable wage of $50,000 – $100,000 or more annually.

Can Non-professional Gamers Make Good Money via Online Real Money Games?

Nonprofessional, recreational gamers may still earn a few thousand dollars per year, which is a respectable starting salary. You may earn rewards through websites like Swagbucks by registering for brand-new online game applications or web-based games.

You have access to a diverse range of games with various prize or reward levels that you may test. For instance, you may get $0.50 for simply installing and launching a new gaming app. Other than that, these reward sites provide a ton of video game incentives that may add to a significant amount of additional cash during the year.

On Swagbucks, many devoted gamers may make money to attend gaming conferences or contests in person or to purchase additional video games as well as gaming gear.

How Do Real Money Games Pay The Gamers?

You might wish to review the regulations before gaming, as each game website pays out slightly differently. Take into account the platform’s payment options first. Gift vouchers, online money, preloaded credit cards, checks, or online money are all options.

Then, consider the financing options. On certain websites, you can request payment at any time. Others offer payment plans that are biweekly or month by month. Before you really pay out on some websites, you might need to have earned a specific amount of cash.

What Kind of Gaming Provides the Most Actual Cash?

You are rarely directly paid for video games. However, taking part in video game competitions, selling out avatars after leveling them up, or starting a live stream may all earn you real money.

Additionally, experienced players of video games frequently use eSports to gain significant payouts. In 3500 events the year before, more than $156 million in prizes were given out, and the top player took home $4.2 million.

By working as video game reviewers, many players may also generate revenue. On PC, Playstation, X box, as well as other gaming consoles, you may get compensated for your expertise by dealing closely with game developers to test out beta versions.

Another approach to gaining money is via playing online slots. Usually, you may access them both online and through a smartphone application. When you first sign up, you can receive a deposit bonus instead of playing to make a purchase before you can play.

Online gambling games are played by 8% of smartphone owners. However, it might be challenging to locate gaming applications that make money.

It is feasible to play and succeed at online poker in some regions, despite the fact that it is governed by regulations from some provincial gaming organizations.

Swagbucks Gaming and More

You get easy accessibility to a number of the top online real money games with Swagbucks Gaming. An online quiz game named Swagbucks Live, where players can earn virtual money that may be converted into cash is popular among the population. And another fantastic feature of Swagbucks is that you are able to play a ton of unrestricted games while at school or at work.

You can really make money merely by utilizing the platform, which does much more for you than just solely introducing you to money-making activities. Depending on your involvement, you can gain site cash for each game. You may then exchange your points for gift vouchers, PayPal currency, reward points, preloaded Cards, or a cheque in the mail.

You may earn money with Swagbucks by participating in online tasks like taking surveys, making cash-back purchases, or doing web searches. Over $650 million in giveaways cards, as well as real money prizes, have been given out by Swagbucks to users like you since 2014.


If you are willing to earn money and also be entertained, real money games are the best for you to get started. A trusted platform and the will to remain consistent are all you need.

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