The best business apps for students are the ones that help you manage your time, stay organized and keep track of all your financial obligations and not only online casino bonuses. Whether you’re a student or not, these apps will make managing your finances easier than ever before.

Bank On It

Bank on it is an app that allows users to check their bank balances, pay bills and transfer money from one account to another. The app also lets users set up automatic payments so they don’t have to worry about forgetting to do something important like paying rent or buying groceries.

Bill Pay

Bill Pay is an app that helps people with multiple accounts to easily pay their bills. Users can create recurring payments and even set up reminders so they never miss a payment again.

Budgeting App

Budgeting app helps casino pokies online players budget their money by letting them see how much money they have left in each category of spending. They can then use this information to decide what to spend their money on next.

Cash Flow

Cash flow is an app that helps students manage their cash flow. This includes tracking expenses and income as well as keeping track of any debt owed.


Checkbook is an app that helps users keep track of their checking and savings accounts. It also offers tips on saving money when shopping online.


Mint is a personal finance management tool that helps users organize their transactions into categories such as “Savings” and “Debts.” It also keeps track of user-specified goals such as paying off credit card debt.

Pocket Expense

Pocket Expense is an app that helps college students manage their money while traveling. It provides easy access to receipts and other travel documents.

Receipt Hog

Receipt Hog is an app that helps consumers find the best deals at local businesses. It also helps users save money by comparing prices across different stores.

Savings Account Tracker

Savings Account Tracker is an app that helps young adults start saving for retirement early. It tracks the amount of money saved and makes sure users stick to their goal.

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