Creating Cheap and Easy Betta Fish Water Bottles


Bettas, also known as Siamese fighting fish, are beautiful tropical fish that require special care. While bettas can live in small tanks, they need a lot of water changes to keep their water clean and healthy. If you don’t have the time or energy for frequent water changes, you might want to consider building a DIY betta fish water bottle system for your fish tank. Creating a DIY betta water bottle system is easy, cheap and will make caring for your pet fish much easier. Building your own system means you won’t have to spend money on pre-made devices or filters with replacement cartridges. Here are some ideas on how to build a homemade betta water bottle system at home.

What You Should Know Before Creating Your DIY Betta Bottle

Before you start creating your DIY betta water bottles you need to know that this method is not suitable for bettas with issues. It’s not suitable for any bettas, but if your betta has a serious issue like fin rot or ich, this method will not help them heal and could be harmful. Betta fish are very sensitive creatures and can be affected by a wide range of environmental factors. One of the most common issues bettas face is poor water quality. When your water quality is poor, your betta’s fins will become clogged with detritus. To treat your betta for fin rot, you must take care of the water quality issues first.

Where to Place Your Betta Water Bottles

The best place to put your betta water bottles is where your betta fish spends most of their time – like their tank. However, if you’re looking for a cheap and easy way to provide your bettas with clean and fresh water, you can create DIY betta water bottles. Betta fish are territorial fish and prefer to have a small area all to themselves. When you place your betta water bottles in their tank, they’ll feel threatened and start attacking the bottles.

To prevent your betta from attacking their new water bottles, place them in a separate container. Betta fish are tropical fish, so they’re best suited to warm and humid environments. You can place your betta water bottles in a hot, humid environment by keeping them in your bathroom. If you don’t have a humid bathroom, you can place a humidifier inside your bathroom to increase the humidity.

Materials Needed to Create a DIY Betta Bottle

– Empty plastic bottle – Empty vitamin bottles work great for this.

– Mineral or rock salts – These are used to create a brine. Brine is a salty water solution. Bettas like to have warm and humid water. Brine can help you create warm and humid water by pulling more heat from the air and adding it to the water.

– Thermometer – This will let you know when your bottle is at the right temperature and how warm it is.

– Jar lid – You’ll need this to put a few holes in your plastic bottle. The holes will allow air to flow through the bottle and create a current.

Step By Step Instructions to Make a DIY Betta Bottle

– First, you’ll need to mix up your brine. If you’re using a 2-litre bottle, you’ll need to mix up about 1.5 cups of brine.

– Next, you’ll need to insert the mineral salts into your bottle. Make sure you don’t clog the holes.

– Insert the thermometer into the bottle.

– Next, fill up your bottle with water.

– Add the lid.

– Finally, place your bottles in your bathroom and wait for warm, humid water to flow through the bottle and out into the bottle.

Tips When Creating a DIY Betta Bottle

– If you keep your betta water bottles in a humid environment, you can put them in a mason jar with a lid.

– You can put your betta water bottles on a sunny windowsill, but make sure the bottles don’t get too hot.

– Open your betta water bottle every few days and add warm water. This will help the brine to last longer.

– If you notice your betta fins clogged with detritus, use a paper clip or other item to clean your betta’s fins.


Betta fish are territorial creatures and need their own space. When you house more than one betta together, there’s a good chance they’ll fight. Fortunately, you can prevent betta fish fights by providing each fish with its own space. Betta fish like warm and humid environments. You can create a warm and humid environment for your betta fish by placing their betta water bottles in your bathroom. You can also place your betta water bottles on a sunny windowsill, but make sure the bottles don’t get too hot. If you follow these tips, you should be able to create a DIY betta water bottle that your betta fish will love.

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