When thinking of Venice, one of the first things that come to mind, beside the gondolas and canals, are of course the famous blown-glass artworks and home décor items. If you find yourself strolling in Venice, you won’t be able to miss the many shops selling glass souvenirs inspired by the items produced in Murano. Murano is a rather small island, with no more than 5000 inhabitants, but its name in renowned all over the globe because of its glassmaking furnaces. Indeed, it was thanks to the peculiarity of these furnaces’ products that Venice’s international trade and economic wealth bloomed during the Renaissance Age.

To this day, the glassmaking manufactories are still active, and their products are regarded as guaranteed Made-in-Italy luxury items. This is thanks to the Glass Masters exceptional work. Every day they follow their predecessors’ age-old techniques and manage to create original and unique art pieces, thus honoring Murano’s legacy.

At YourMurano you’ll be able to see the results of their ability to look forward while still maintaining that distinctive devotion to tradition. Browsing our collection, you’ll be stunned by the variety of shapes and nuances that these incredible artists are able to come up with. One of the first items to ever be produced in Murano’s furnaces was of course tableware, especially drinking glasses. These hand-crafted pieces were usually embellished in the bottom section and to this day they’re made using the traditional glass-blowing techniques. The Glass Master’s work begins at the base of the chalice, modelling it into the desired shape. The stem of the drinking glass is often decorated using the “filigrana” technique, which makes the glass look like delicate lace. The top part of the chalice is carefully created separately and later applied to the stem with a single drop of molten glass, thus creating an original and exceptional Drinking Glass.

Since the bottom and top sections of the glass are separately hand-crafted and decorated, no two drinking glasses can ever be the same. These unique, luxury items are ideal for any occasion and will undoubtably be an elegant touch to your table. Check out our catalogue, you’ll find refined glasses with singular shapes, classical flutes or brightly colored pieces tailored to your tastes that’ll make your dining table one-of-a-kind! What are you waiting for? These items are also a creative idea for a present and you can even get a customized engraving to make it ever more special for your loved ones.

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