IP WHOIS Lookup: Can You Track IP Owner Details?


There are thousands of tools available on the internet to help you out in your business. Some tools deal with SEO, domain, networks, and many more. WHOIS is also one of these tools. There are two types of WHOIS tools—one deals with the domain addresses and the other deals with the IP addresses and network data. 

Today, we are going to have a look at the IP WHOIS and find out how you can track IP owner details with it. 

What is an IP address?

An IP address is a numeric code assigned to every hardware on a network. The IP address allows the users to send and receive data over the internet.  It is used to locate the users and identify the interface of the network. Every device on the network has a different IP address. It is also known as the magical number used in all networks, servers, and operating systems. The full form of IP is internet protocol. The first version of the internet protocol was introduced in 1983. However, currently, we are using version 4 and version 6 of the internet protocol, also known as IPv4 and IPv6. The IPv4 consists of four numerical values with decimals in between. The values of IPv4 are between 0 and 255. On the other hand, IPv6 has eight alphanumeric values in the address.

You can find your IP addresses on any hardware. The process is very straightforward. But you would have wanted to know who is behind this IP and how it operates. So in this article, we are going to have a look at the IP WHOIS tool that will help you end your curiosity. 

What is IP WHOIS?

IP WHOIS is an online web-based tool. It is used to find vital and untold information about the IP and the network administrator. It derives the data from the Regional Internet Registry. Regional Internet Registry RIR is an international internet governance company that manages the registry of IP addresses and other codes in a specific region. It was officially formed in 1992. Five major RIRs are operating in the world. 

  1. African Network Information Center (AFRINIC): it manages the IP addresses in the African region
  2. American Registry for Internet Numbers (ARIN): it manages the IP addresses in the USA, Canada, and other parts of North America
  3. Asia-Pacific Network Information Center (APNIC): it is responsible for registering the IP addresses of Asian and Australian countries
  4. Latin American and Caribbean Network Information Center (LACNIC): it registers the IP addresses of South America and some Caribbean regions
  5. Réseaux IP Européens Network Coordination Center (RIPE NCC): it manages the registry of IP addresses in Russia, Middle-eastern and European countries

How Can You Track the IP Owner Details?

The steps to use IP WHOIS to find information about the IP owner and other things are very simple. You just have to find a free-of-cost, efficient, and trusted IP WHOIS tool online. Open the webpage, and the tool will be at the top of the screen. In the space provided, you have to write a valid IP address that is currently being used. The IP address can be IPv4 or IPv6. Just double-check the IP address before moving forward. After that, you have to click the button to proceed. The tool will take some time to figure out all the information of need. Then, you will get the IP owner info, RIR details, IP addresses, etc. The information about the output of the IP WHOIS tool is described below.

What are the Outputs of IP WHOIS Lookup?

Using the IP WHOIS tool, you can get information about your IP address, its owner, internet registration, and many more.

The most common outputs of an IP WHOIS tool are:

  • RIR details: It provides you with details about the Regional Internet Registry company that has assigned your IP address
  • IP owner info: It gives you the contact information of the owner of the IP
  • Autonomous number: It is a unique number used at the start of the IP address and identifies one or more groups of networks. The networks with the same autonomous numbers have a single routing policy.
  • Designated owner info: It provides you with the designated owner, his contact information, and a portal to report any kind of abuse
  • The number of IP addresses: It shows the total number of IP addresses assigned to an IP owner in the block.

Bottom Line

Other than just deriving the data, you can also use the outputs of IP WHOIS to complain about any kind of problem or abuse. It is completely free and can help you to take action before anything worse happens. The complaint will be transferred to the Internet Service Provider. They will have a thorough look at the situation. 

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