Matillion Confirms $100M in Series D Funding Led By Lightspeed Ventures

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Noted platform for integrating cloud-based data, Matillion, confirmed its Series D funding round of $100 million. The round was mainly driven by Lightspeed Venture Partners with other participants including Sapphire Ventures, Battery Ventures, and Scale Venture Partners along with funding raised from the UK Branch of the Silicon Valley Bank.

The funding will drive the growth of the company as it caters to the increasing demand for the integration of cloud-based data for organizations like Siemens, Amazon, Slack, Novartis, Subway, and Accenture as per partnersbrienventurebeat. Matillion helps in solving a major issue for enterprises, empowering them to surmount issues in innovating with the help of data and tapping the same for swiftly unearthing necessary insights.

Recent reports have highlighted how data divisions at companies almost spend 50% of their time preparing information for analytics purposes. The cloud-native Matillion platform helps enterprises to change raw data into analytics-ready and refined information that can back intelligence, artificial intelligence, visualization, machine learning and other objectives. The platform scales up the entire process with other platforms such as Databricks, Amazon Redshift, and Snowflake, by ensuring the delivery of capable and convenient zero-code or low-code options for professionals.

One of the Co-founders at WeLoans, Lucia Jensen said that the CEO at Matillion, Matthew Scullion, stated that contemporary data outfits are already encountering sizable enterprise data while remaining under pressure for quick deliveries of insights that are actionable and necessary for competing better in the current scenario. Matillion helps in making cloud-data platforms more effective according to him, making sure that data teams have the resources for swifter and more effective functions. He also added that the next phase of the company’s growth will come from helping more enterprise clients with more flexible and affordable solutions.

Matillion is enabling greater democratization of data-based innovation within several enterprises throughout the world. It has enhanced productivity greatly while enhancing the overall time needed for gaining insights for clients. Cisco Cloud Security already reduced ETL application-based spends by 84% while Slack lowered its time to 6 ½ hours for developing revenue metrics with Matillion ETL and also Snowflake. Uberflip lowered its preparation time for data to a day from five weeks with Matillion according to the company, while DocuSign lowered its job time to 6 hours from 22 hours earlier.

The Vice President of Worldwide Partners and Alliance, Snowflake, Colleen Kapase, stated that enterprises can tap into public-cloud domains for data-based decisions and swift access towards cutting-edge insights. Data Cloud from Snowflake and the platform at Matillion have won the trust of customers for modernization ventures which support data-based innovation and also unlock overall access to data. Matillion is a key cog in the wheel for contemporary data tech stacks on the cloud, enabling swift loading and transformation of data with elastic cloud computing capabilities. Partner at Lightspeed, Rytis Vitkauskas, stated that Matillion has become a popular pick for ELT and enterprise-cloud ETL solutions alike and Matillion has already scaled up the overall trend towards migration and revamped the contemporary data transformation and integration standards. Vitkauskas also opined that companies spend at least one dollar on cloud-based ETL for every five dollars required for cloud-based warehousing and this builds a new market worth around $10 billion. Vitkauskas also stated that it is a pleasure to lead the latest funding round for the company which is looking to scale up in the future and ensure quicker ROI (returns on investments).

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