People worry more and more about rising electricity bills. Everything gets more expensive but the cold season is just about to start. But only a few people know how easy it is to actually save some energy on a daily basis. So you do not have to worry about a high bill and can completely focus on playing

There is one device people use quite often. The oven. If you use it often you will notice an increase in your electricity bill. But what options does one have? To always go to a restaurant? That is expensive as well. So better learn how to use it in a proper way.

The oven already consumes a lot of energy per se. But one popular program increases power consumption even more – and turns your oven into a real power guzzler. 

There are certain functions that you no longer want to do without in your everyday life. For example, there is the washing machine with a refill function, the blender with a cooking function, or the oven with a self-cleaning function – also known as pyrolysis. You might have guessed it already: This clever function, of all things, turns out to be a real power guzzler when you take a closer look. But why is that?

The pyrolysis function is a real power guzzler

It is handy when you no longer have to clean the oven of burnt-on food residue with home remedies. Just press the pyrolyse button and stubborn baking, roasting, and grilling residues disintegrate into ash. As time-saving as the function is, it has one major drawback: you are throwing your money out the window.

This is how much energy the self-cleaning function consumes

In order for stubborn residues in the oven to disappear, the appliance has to expend an enormous amount of energy. To do this, the interior heats up to about 500 degrees Celsius. Depending on how dirty the oven is, the appliance needs between 1 and 3 hours for self-cleaning. And this is particularly noticeable on the electricity bill. Pyrolysis consumes up to six-kilowatt hours of electricity. So if you use the self-cleaning function once a week, you will also notice this clearly on your electricity bill. Up to 70 euros in additional costs are possible. Of course, you should not completely abandon the self-cleaning function now.

Better to clean the oven with home remedies

The self-cleaning function of the oven is incredibly practical. If you want to save electricity, we recommend cleaning the oven more often with the right home remedies. They are at least as effective as pyrolysis, but they do not consume energy. With these home remedies, you can remove burnt-on and crusted food residues especially easily: 



Baking soda


Baking soda

Dishwasher tabs

Most of these things are completely environmentally friendly. So you can use them without any worries. Also they are a lot cheaper than specific cleaning supplies you would use otherwise. There is no reason to not try them out!

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