The Rise of the Side Hustle into a Genuine Income Stream


The recent pandemic may have seen a huge number of people start a new hobby and many of these hobbies then became side hustles. These side hustles are now turning into genuine income streams. It is also not just the younger generation that has engaged in this hobby monetization, but it is a widescale process that has suited the new way of working and the drive to create an improved work-life balance.

Useful Arts and Crafts

The ability to make and produce high-quality arts and crafts is a very popular hobby and the best arts and crafts to monetize are those that can be used by the buyer. Candles, bath salts, jams, and soaps, as well as paintings and 3D-printed handicrafts and models have become incredibly popular and there is a growing market for anything bespoke and personalized. Furthermore, the fact that e-commerce provides the simplest means of selling and marketing these arts and crafts has seen them become one of the fastest-growing monetized hobbies that there are.

Collecting Memorabilia, Toys, and Cards

Again, it is the internet and the fact that there are so many online tribes and societies that have sprung up around an assortment of memorabilia, toys, games, and sporting cards. This means that having a well-looked-after collection of pretty much anything that has an online following can be a great way to turn a profit. From valuing your antique toys to appraising a stamp collection, having the knowledge as to what your collection is worth will be the first step to monetizing any hobby that involves collecting memorabilia, toys, and cards.


Online gaming, be it of the highly popular MOBA genre or first-person shooter games, computer gaming has become the fastest-growing hobby around the world. Internet saturation has been such that anyone from anywhere can access popular games and play against others in leagues and virtual arenas that provide an opportunity to earn as a professional gamer. There are also a huge number of internet/cloud-based competitions and games that can be played for free and yet that offer the ability to build a personal brand and market yourself.

Art and Performance

The ability to make music, sing, act, or perform a comedy routine are all great hobbies that can make you an additional income. You will need to professionalize these offerings if you intend to make this a sustainable monetization. Many people have used online platforms, such as YouTube and TikTok, to spread their brand and share their art and performances, making this a credible range of hobbies to make some extra money from.

The range of possibilities is endless and the ability to learn a new hobby online is a growing trend. It is also now clearly possible to make some genuine money from these hobbies. If you can provide a high standard of product or performance, then you will be sure to find those that are willing to pay to appreciate your offerings.

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