What are the Prime Causes of Train Accidents in Philadelphia?


Train accidents can be a difficult and emotional topic to talk about, but it’s also undeniably important. That is why we’re here today, to discuss the prime causes of train accidents. Maybe knowing the main causes will help you stay safe during your next trip on the rails.

Train accidents often occur because of human error, such as distracted driving, using a phone while operating machinery, or drunk driving. Other times they occur because of miscommunication between trains as they approach each other. And despite the varying causes, you must consult a Philadelphia, PA train accident attorney if you have been involved in a train accident in Philadelphia.

For now, let us see into the prime causes of train accidents in Philadelphia.

  1. Negligence

Train accidents often occur due to negligence. So, if you’ve been injured in a train accident, and you believe that the driver of that train was negligent, contacting an attorney can prove to be very useful. Negligence can come in many forms, for instance, inattentive driving, driver fatigue, or poor maintenance of the train.

  1. Human error

Human error is often the root cause of train accidents, especially when it comes to individuals operating the train. That may include a station master or engineer failing to properly maintain the train or fulfill their duties. However, there are also influences that are not under the control of humans such as faulty signals.

  1. Reckless pedestrians and drivers

Pedestrians and drivers may have an unwarranted sense of danger when it comes to trains. Or else, they may not be aware of the dangers surrounding a train. Therefore, if you’re a pedestrian and you’ve been injured in a train accident, you must know that your reckless behavior is also partly to blame for the accident.

  1. Mechanical failure

The majority of railroad accidents are caused by some sort of mechanical failure, including broken tracks or malfunctioning signals. You can negotiate with the railroad authority to have your settlement in a train accident or you can seek out an attorney’s help in order to get the deserving settlement.

  1. Speedy trains

Even though trains aren’t as fast as automobiles, they can still travel very quickly, and cause severe injuries when involved in an accident. As such, train operators have to take safety precautions and follow the speed limits in order to avoid accidents and injuries.

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