What Takes Place If You Get into a Car Accident, Lacking Insurance?


Accidents do happen, even though no one ever wants to experience one. Drivers in Utah are required to have a minimum sum of automobile insurance, and there are several potential repercussions you may experience if you are in a car crash without insurance. Salt Lake City Personal Injury Lawyers can greatly help in such a case.

The gravity of those repercussions relies on several variables, including who is to blame for fault and the extent of the harm.

Utah’s requirements for auto insurance

Utah’s law mandates that all drivers maintain a certain level of auto insurance. These are the minimums:

  • $25k for each person’s physical harm
  • $65k for bodily injuries per accident
  • $15k for property damage per incident

A minimum of $3,000 in personal injury coverage, which covers your personal medical costs in the case of an accident, is also required for drivers under Utah law.

Can you be detained for driving without insurance?

Yes, in Utah, you can be detained for driving without insurance.

If you are found operating a vehicle without the required amount of insurance, you may be charged with a class C misdemeanor, which carries a potential $1,000 fine and a maximum 90-day jail sentence. However, if you are in a car crash without insurance, there are further repercussions you can experience.

Consequences for being at fault in a car wreck without insurance.

If you are found to be at fault in an automobile accident and you do not have insurance, you could suffer the following dire consequences:

  • You can be liable for the other party’s $3,000 or more in medical expenditures and any costs associated with property damage.
  • You can be subject to penalties like fines and jail time.
  • Your license can be revoked or suspended.
  • Your insurance costs could increase.
  • Your car can be seized.

Consequences of not being at fault in a car accident without coverage.

If you are not at fault for an automobile accident, the consequences are typically less severe, but it does not mean you are out of the woods. You can still experience the following consequences:

  • Incarceration or fines
  • Impoundment of the vehicle or 
  • suspension of the license 
  • Personal expenditures

Make an appointment with a lawyer.

Having legal representation in your corner is essential if you are in an automobile accident without insurance, especially if you are at fault. Additionally, if you have an uninsured driver personal injury lawsuit, you can have difficulty getting justice.

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