What to Know About Calling Australia from the US


There are a number of countries that receive quite a few international calls from the United States. As you might expect, Canada and Mexico are two of the countries that are quite high on that list. That is no surprise, given their proximity to the United States.

One more country that receives plenty of international calls from the United States is the United Kingdom. Quite a few people in the US have family members who study abroad in the United Kingdom, so this is also not a surprise. However, Australia has received more international calls in recent years. As a result, many people want to know how to call Australia from US. Let’s discuss what you should know about this home phone trend of calling Australia from the United States. 

Be Aware of Surcharges for Calling Wireless Phones

One of the things that you should know about when it comes to calling wireless phones in Australia via an international call from the US is that it may result in a surcharge. Of course, this depends on the phone service provider that you have. In the majority of foreign countries, the person making the international call is the one who may end up with a surcharge. As a result, you should try to choose a phone service provider who will not add a surcharge to your phone bill for international calls. 

You Have to Add the Correct Country Code

As you might expect, placing an international call on your home phone is not as simple as calling someone who lives in the same country as you. You have to know the right country code and enter it when calling a foreign country. When it comes to the country of Australia, the correct country code is 61 if you are calling from the United States or from any other country outside of Australia. 

You Have to Add the Correct Area Code

Another part of how to call Australia from the US is adding the correct area code. You have to add area codes when you call phone numbers owned by people inside the United States. You also have to do this when you call someone from Australia, as well.

It is also important that you know whether you are calling a home phone or a mobile phone since you can use one area code to call any mobile phone in Australia. For example, if you want to call someone in Queensland, Australia, you will have to add the area code 07. You can find area codes for all areas of Australia with a simple online search. 

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