Brief Guide about Advantages and Disadvantages of IP Location


Communication has played a critical role since people created mobile phones and computers. For network devices to transfer data from one location to another, they need some trackers. This tracker is the IP address location. While communication and storage were the main reason behind the creation of computers, people in the current era are far from kind enough to leave our personal information safe.

Since the start of the 21st century, internet access has been restricted. Free internet, while allowing people to access many things on the world web, also gives the authorities all information on your device. Thankfully, there are ways people can avoid such situations by either using VPN, proxy servers, or similar methods that keep their IP safe from others.

Reasons for IP Address Locations

In the early days, instructions were necessary for every computer to access the web. An IP address was essential for people to remember because it became their presence on the web. Without the IP address, the web could not and still cannot transfer data. Even now, every search on the web contains a packet that explains the IP address for the web to transmit the result.

After the introduction of DNS, the IP addresses became hidden. People no longer needed to remember their IP address to connect to the web.

Advantages of IP Address Location

There are many benefits of knowing the IP location. These benefits differ in different locations and situations as most have something to do with the speed of service.

Better Service

IP addresses play many roles on the web. When you use an IP address that a company recognizes, especially if it is safe, they can give you better services and options than others. Faster service access is always better than waiting for a day or two.

The hilarious thing is that people do not know about such things and consider themselves lucky to be granted such opportunities.

Surveillance Society

Protection of citizens is a critical topic for Govt in every country; however, only a few countries are taking measures to keep their society as safe as possible. Govt takes full advantage of people and stores all personal information about people’s work on the web.

Some states even take action against people who do wrong work on the internet, like taking away the privileges that many other regular citizens have.

Problems with Location Data

No one likes to be constantly monitored. But people cannot do much about it since online data is accessible through IP addresses. Many issues like the visibility of your geolocation to any website you visit. People with malicious though can access your information as long as they know about your IP address. Those people can access information through ISP servers or hacking.

Moreover, there is the problem of regional restriction. Some websites do not work at other countries’ or regions’ servers, affecting people’s search options.

Data Cybersecurity

We are living in a digital era. An era in which everyone is connected to the internet. Moreover, people do not need to connect to the network for others to find their location since the IP address is more than enough to find your location and residence.

The smallest of information can create a disaster for you and your family. All your information is accessible to hackers, and they can easily use your identity for malicious work. Additionally, malicious work includes:

  • Draining your account.
  • Selling the information to unlawful parties.
  • Even maxing your credit cards.
  • No matter how much your govt tries to stop such actions, they cannot prevent people from cybercrime.

Personal Cybersecurity

People’s smartphones are the biggest trackers anyone can locate using an IP address. We carry our mobiles everywhere, and people who want to cause us harm can track our geolocation and record our schedule. Once they find the optimal time and place, they can take action, and no one will realize what went wrong. Moreover, they can sell this information to malicious parties who can loot your home when you are not at home.

Reduced Liberty

People should place limits on themselves and their information on the web. Others can easily access your personal information like address and account information. Many incidents have occurred in the past where people make prank calls, resulting in casualties.


People can ban others for superficial reasons. You have no access and right to deny the ban on the region. Cases like these include bans in countries where Twitter, WhatsApp, and other communication social media apps are banned from the public.


After comparing the pros and cons of IP address location, think twice before sharing any personal information on the web. IP protection is available for people in the form of a VPN. At the same time, your servers are the first line of defense, ensuring your personal information is safe while making it difficult for others to access it.

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